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Verified BBBEE Status of Kalideck Antalis

Kalideck Antalis’ BBBEE verification certification confirms that the organisation has 51% Black Empowered (9 points) and 30% Black Female (4 points) ownership.

Black Empowered ownership (9 points) 51%
Black Female ownership (4 points) 30%

This means that you as a customer can claim the maximum 13 points for Preferential Procurement.

Our BBBEE status also allows for a 60% procurement recognition level, this means that 60c of each Rand (spent with us) is counted as BBBEE spend in your hands, which entitles you to claim a further 3 points from the available 5 points.

The above benefit results in you earning a total of 16 points (from an available 25 points) and the remaining 9 points are accumulated by: QSE (3 points), EME (4 points) and Designated Group (2 points) Supplier spend.

Kalideck Antalis’ BBBEE status results in a significant improvement of your BBBEE scorecard, which gives you a competitive edge and greater commercial leverage in the market place.

Assuring you of our best service, at all times.


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