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Kongsberg Product Line

Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging and labels, sign and display,
commercial printing and publishing industries. Esko’s Kongsberg cutting tables are designed for fast die-less digital
finishing of designs printed on a wide range of paper board and display materials.

The large versatility in configuration, tools and knives make the Kongsberg table a fit-for-use choice for folding cartons,
corrugated boxes, brochures, signs and displays, and many more speciality applications.

Kongsberg Product Line
Main markets for the digital finishing solutions
markets Solutions for packaging
  • Production of packages
  • Samplemaking
  • Production of flexographic clichés
  • Great complementary effect from ArtiosCAD and Esko’s other software products plus CDIs (digital imagers for flexo clich

Solutions for manufacturing of displays:

  • Production of three dimensional product displays
  • Tight link to structural design (ArtiosCAD)
  • Often connected with large-format, flat-bed digital print

Solutions for manufacturing of signage:

  • Production of 2D visual communication items from flexible or sheeted material
  • Esko offers a unique suite of software tools to boost manufacturing efficiency; The i-cut Suite
The Kongsberg XN Series:
XN Series Product Description
XN Series
  • The XN is a re-birth and merge of the XL and i-XL series
  • It is positioned for short-run production and prototyping
    of paperboards, as well as production of signage and
  • Many other applications are also important:
    – Protective packaging, incl. foam cutting
    – Flexo plate cutting (Digital Flexo Suite)
    – Production of varnish blankets for offset print
  • Seven different models available
    – Sizes ranging from 1.6x1.3m to 2.2x6.5m
XN Toolheads
XN Toolheads
  • The MultiCUT for flexible substrates to folding
    carton to hard PVC and acrylic panels.
  • The MultiCUT-HP (High Power) for heavy-duty
    materials such as thick acrylic, wood/MDF and
    aluminum composite materials.
  • The FlexiHead for general-purpose cutting and
    all flexible and thin materials such as paper,
    folding carton, vinyl, textile and more.
  • The PowerHead for heavy duty materials such
    as double wall, triple wall and recycled
    corrugated board, plus the newest
    environmental boards.
  • The FoamHead for foam and honeycomb
    paperboard materials with a maximum
    thickness of 86 mm [3 3/8”]
XN Tool Inserts
XN Tool Inserts

The XN Series has an unmatched range of tool inserts capable of high quality output.

  • Standard inserts are bar-coded, speeding up changeovers and avoiding expensive operator errors
  • Preset tuning parameters for each insert maximize tooling performance
  • All standard tool inserts work in
    –MultiCUT (HP)
  • All tool inserts will fall into one of these groups:
    –Reciprocating knife tools
    –Static knife tools
    –Kisscutting and partially cutting tools
    –Bevel cutting tools (v-notching tools)
    –Creasing tools
    –Plotting tools
    –Drilling tools
    –Specialty tools (e.g. Braille tool, rotary cutting tools)
The Kongsberg XE/i-XE Series:
XE Series Product Description
XE Series
  • Fast and accurate high-quality option for folding carton samplemaking
  • Installed base of over 260 tables (Jan, 2013)
  • Some other applications are also important:
    –Varnish blanket cutting
    –Cutting of synthetic packaging materials polypropylene, clear vinyl, etc.
  • Main customer segment:
    –Folding carton packaging manufacturers
  • Size 0.8 x 1.2m – 32” x 47”
  • Key properties: - Accuracy - Speed - Compactness
i-XE Series Product Description
i-XE Series
  • i-XE10: Super fast and accurate table for finishing of flexible and light-duty rigid material for printed advertising items, signs and small displays
    –Automated or manual material load
    –Automatic feeding and stacking options make the i-XE10 Auto capable of fully unsupervised finishing of small-format digitally printed items (Xerox Igen3, HP Indigo)
  • Installed base of over 170 tables (Jan, 2013)
  • Main application: finishing of digitally printed materials; flexible + light-duty sheeted:
    –Adhesive vinyl (decals)
    –Vinyl banners
  • Main customer segments:
    –Commercial printers
XE/i-XE Tooling
XE/i-XE Tooling
  • Static Knife tool
  • VariCut tool
  • VibraCut tool
  • Crease tool
The Kongsberg XP Series:
XP Series Product Description
XP Series

Defines a new productivity class for digital cutting!

  • Highly productive and robust tables for short-run production of packages, displays and signage; with materials ranging from corrugated board to acrylic and MDF, plus flexible materials
  • Automated material handling options available; conveyor feed -> roll- or sheet feeding
  • Three different model sizes available, ranging from 1,6 x 1,3m to 2,2 x 3,2m
  • About 430 machines sold by Jan 2013
  • Key properties: - Productivity - Robustness - Automation
XP Tooling
XP Tooling

Tooling optimized for fast-paced production

  • Heavy-duty tool station optimized for heavy tooling
    – HD Unit: Down-force equivalent of 50kg or 110 lbs.
    for creasing, V-notching and straight-cutting
    – HPMU: 3kW milling muscles for up to 50mm thick material
    – HSMU: 1kW milling tool for less demanding routing
    – Foam Unit: Foam cutting in up to 50mm thick material
  • Fast tool station optimized for knife tools requiring quick
    – Reciprocating knives for fibrous and loose textured material
    – Static knife tools for thin and thicker solid materials
    – PressCut Tool for adhesive vinyl
    – RotaCut for textiles
  • Separate material thickness probe and camera station
  • Separate tool station for plotting and drill tools
  • Laser pointer for quick indexing
  • Integrated, automatic tool calibration device (ATC)
XP Production Modes
XP Production Modes

Production based on manual material loading:

  • Enables production from a wide range of materials,
    including complex milling operations

Supervised (semi-automated) production:

  • Automatic material loading from roll or sheets

Fully automated, unsupervised production:

  • Enabling larger production runs of paperboards;
    lot size up to around 1,000 sheets
XP Auto
XP Auto

Unsupervised production:

  • Enables full digital workflow for POP displays and packages
  • Offers on-demand production with just-in-time delivery
  • Optimal for products made from paperboards, foamboards, display boards; up to 1000 sheets per job
  • Milling of rigid substrates is possible; w/ automatic load, manual unload
  • 43 machines sold by Jan 2013
The Kongsberg Product Line Info

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