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Packaging Products

Antalis supplies flexographic printing systems from global technology leaders to help our customers
expand their business by taking advantage of new profitable packaging printing opportunities.


Cyrel® FAST Platemaking Equipment
Cyrel® FAST uses a dry thermal technology for plate development, completely removing conventional solvents and aqueous washout solutions. In addition to the obvious environmental and health gain, it also reduces the plate processing times by up to 75%.

Cyrel® FAST 1000 TD

Cyrel® FAST 1001 TD

Cyrel® FAST TD 4260

Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD

Kodak Thermoflex Platesetters
KODAK THERMOFLEX Narrow Platesetter Helps The Label Shoppe Grow Business, Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
Thermoflex Wide 1 Platesetter