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Turn over a green leaf

Go Green with Antalis.

GREEN. It's not just a colour. Its grassroots lie in the Old English word "grene", an adjective closely related to the Old English verb "growan" meaning "to grow". It has cultural, religious, scientific and biological connotations. It is a language, a philosophy, a way of life. In the green scheme of things, going green is your first step to reducing environmental impacts and saving the planet.

Antalis Sustainability Charter As a leading international distributor of communications support material, Antalis recognises and understands economic, social and environmental concerns, We are committed to contributing to sustainable development through our businesses, operations and peoople. The Charter is our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

A Greener Environment Naturally, Antalis considers quality and service as being key considerations for our customers. Other important considerations include the materials used to manufacture paper products, their impact on the environment and the requirement within the supply chain to maintain product integrityh. This is why environmental concerns affect our key business decisions.

Antalis Develops and markets environmental products, ensuring they originate from responsibly managed forests where applicable and seeks to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries (in terms of trucks and route optimisation). Antalis also supports local economic developments where applicable and supports charitable organisations.

  FSC Accredited The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a system of forest certification and product labelling. It identifies wood and wood based products from well-managed forests. It is applicable to suppliers of wood products from certified forests who wish to label as FSCl For more information visit  
The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) provides a framework for the development of , and mutual recognition of national or sub-national forest certification schemes that have been developed locally according to internationally recognised requirements of sustainable forest managements.