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Print News - Press Release

Art of Design Awards 2012 - 09-2012

Art of Design Awards 2012Celebrating Art of Design 2012 winners

Paper Loves Design - Art of Design Awards 2012On a wet and wild evening The Turbine Hall in Newtown was aflutter with the best that Graphic design had to offer. The awards event for the 13th Antalis Art of Design (AoD) 2012 took place on Thursday, 6 September with some of the industry's biggest names braving the weather to congratulate the plethora of talent on show.

The evening was a celebration of design and the exceptional creative's who spend their lives making our lives more beautiful! Once again AoD recognised South African design excellence, but moreover the competition aimed to inspire originality, big ideas, paper usage and beautiful presentations. Launched in June 2011, this competition received 474 exceptional entries across the seven commercial categories and 89 in the student category.

The 2012 AoD competition focused on the special connection between paper and design and the entry kit showcased the many ways that paper and design love one another. Antalis is a major distributor of materials that both inspire and enable great design ideas that excite, intrigue and create an impact.

The first competition was launched in 1986. For over 26 years we've actively encouraged designers to love paper as much as we do!" shared an ecstatic Caroline Coughlan, Marketing Manager, Antalis.

Local celebrity and host Michael Mol welcomed the audience which included our talented panel of judges, all of whom have accomplishments and awards as long as your arm. Alistair King of King James CT officially headed the decision panel but humbly shared that they all agreed that "knowing when not to put more on" was the order of the day; the simplest ideas were the big winners this year.

Eight categories provided extensive opportunities for designers to showcase their talents.
Prior to the big announcement each of the category winners were called upon to receive their award and more importantly recognition from their peers. The main prize up for grabs was a trip to New York worth R50 000, as well as the opportunity to design for Antalis. Hearty congratulations go to Oliver Barstow, of Fourthwall Books, who was the Grand Prix winner for his Fire Walker Book entry.

Guests were also treated to insight into his genius when legendary Typographer Jean François Porchez, of Typofonderie, had the entire audience swearing off the use of Helvetica!

Once again I would like to express my sincere thanks to Caroline and her team – without their dedication and hours of hard work year-on-year, this iconic competition would not get off the ground and maintain its momentum. I am thrilled with the results." said David James, Marketing and Purchasing Director, Antalis – as he concluded the formalities for the evening and invited his guests to relax, enjoy the company, food and entertainment, as well as peruse the showcased artworks for the remainder of the evening.

Winners in the following categories included:


Oliver Barstow, Fourthwall Books


First Prize: Michael Ipp - Canvas
Second Prize: Daniel Berkowitz - King James
Third Prize: Simone Rossum - Joe Public


First Prize: Jaco Erasmus - Greymatter & Finch
Second Prize: Shani Ahmed - Draftfcb Cape Town Third Prize: Tami Sieben - Studio 5
Third Prize: Ingrid Hall - Draftfcb Durban
Merit: Jaco Erasmus - Greymatter & Finch


Second Prize: Shani Ahmed - Draftfcb Cape Town
Third Prize: Francois Rey - Monday Design
Third Prize: Hannes de Wet - The Jupiter Drawing Room - Cape Town
Merit: Clinton Powys - IWW Lateral Applications
Merit: Jedd Muneilage, Andrew Mckenzie and Shaun Brauteseh - Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency
Merit: Bennie Smal - Dialogue Nine

PAPER LOVES BROCHURES TWO - non-stitched or folded

First Prize: Richard Hart and team - Disturbance Design


First Prize: Bronwen Rautenbach and Leoni Joubert - Sunshinegun
Merit: Janes Struweg - It's Called Advertising


Third Prize: Sergio Ines and Liana Liebenberg - DDB South Africa
Merit: Eben Keun and Jessica Vines - Breinstorm Brand Architects


First Prize: Rikus Ferreira and Alwine Nolte - King James
First Prize: Oliver Barstow - Fourthwall Books
Second Prize: Ilze Vermaak, Steven Lipschitz , Sulet Jansen, Adam Botha and Gaby de Abreu - Switch Branding and Design
Second Prize: Oliver Barstow - Fourthwall Books
Third Prize: Jay Badenhorst - Just Design Third Prize: Thelmarie Brink - Just Design
Merit: Telri Stoop - Paper Jet Design
Merit: Steven McKimmie - Paper Jet Design
Merit: Pauline Irvine - Artymiss
Merit: Natalie Vella - Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town
Merit: Ria Kraft - Green Grass Design


First Prize: Bianca Potgieter - Open Window Pretoria
Second Prize: Bianca Brand - Open Window Pretoria
Third Prize: Ashley Moodley - University Of JHB
Merit: Michael Stopforth - Tuks: Information Design
Merit: Candice Bondi - Vega School
Merit: Mea Jordaan - Tuks: Information Design