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It’s quality first, time and again- 06-2013

It’s quality first, time and again

April 2013 –

Phil Walsh, DPS Manager Kodak, Inkjet and Cut Sheet, UAE, Africa and Turkey, took time out of his hectic work schedule to share his industry background with us. Taking up the reins of his new role in Africa he spent some time focussing on how he is going to continue cementing the solid relationship Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd has with Kodak.

I’m always proud to share the fact that I’ve now been in the print industry for 30 years. Less proud, however, is my humble beginning as a Colour Scanning operator! The motto ‘Quality first’ was drilled into me from day one and it’s a legacy I’m proud to continue.” shared an energetic and clearly proud Walsh.

A major turning point in my career was when I was working with the major manufacturers; it became patently evident that very few sales people really actually listen to their clients and instead focus on selling what they wanted – this has stuck with me and guided me to a very different approach.

Fast forward some years to 2003 when I joined Heidelberg selling the Nexpress and I’ve never looked back. During 2010 I was given the Kodak award for the top NexPress salesperson which ultimately led me to joining the UK Kodak Inkjet team in 2011. As a team Graham McLachlan, Chris Chapman and myself soon became the top Kodak Inkjet sales team in the world by selling the Kodak Prosper Presses Mono, colour and the 50 inch wide Timson T Press along with component Printheads.  I’m thrilled that both Chris and Graham will also be joining me in Africa to work on Special Projects.

When I was offered the opportunity to join this team I jumped at the opportunity; being based in Cape Town is just too good to be true. What’s more I have a lot more in common with South Africans that I originally thought - golf, rugby and cricket not to mention my Arsenal season ticket as an avid football fan – although I understand it’s called soccer here!

The printing trade has been very kind to me in the UK and Europe and it’s with a heavy heart that I leave behind many friends. That said I’m looking forward to partnering with Kodak’s long-standing alliance, Antalis, in meeting and working with the South African customers. 

What’s more I’m here to put into practice my skill of truly listening to the customers needs. I feel strongly that between Antalis and my team we will create new and innovative printing systems by responding to both the customers needs and the markets demands.” concluded Walsh.

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