Colour management

//Colour management

Colour management solutions available from Kalideck Antalis

  • X-rite-pantone-logo

    X-Rite eXact takes colour measurement and management to the next level

    Delivering the highest colour quality requires a good colour measurement solution. The handheld spectrophotometer takes colour measurement and management to the next level.

    It is a scalable platform that can be field upgraded as needs change, from a simple densitometer to a highly advanced spectral measurement instrument. X-Rite eXact enables printers and packaging converters to truly understand, control, manage and communicate colour across the entire colour network and avoid unwanted reprint and rework.

  • EPSON SureColour Models Available: SC-P6000, SC‐P7000, SC‐P8000, SC‐P9000

    Experience the most accurate colour reproduction on the market and produce high-quality, long-lasting prints with the Epson proofing range. THE COMPLETE EPSON SURECOLOR P-SERIES PRINTER FAMILY

    Redefine wide-format, aqueous imaging applications with a vast array of workflow solutions and robust media handling. All models seamlessly integrate with industry-leading workflow software solutions to meet the needs of the proofing and graphic arts community.

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