Lithographic print products

//Lithographic print products

Kalideck Antalis offers a range of Lithographic print products for the printing & design industry

Lithographic printing equipment and consumables

Lithographic plates & plate processing equipment, Pre Press Equipment and colour proofing printers from market leaders in the Graphics equipment industries. Kalideck is also an Authorised dealer of Apple, Adobe and Dell graphics equipment and software

  • X-rite-pantone-logo

    X-Rite eXact takes colour measurement and management to the next level

    Delivering the highest colour quality requires a good colour measurement solution. The handheld spectrophotometer takes colour measurement and management to the next level.

    It is a scalable platform that can be field upgraded as needs change, from a simple densitometer to a highly advanced spectral measurement instrument. X-Rite eXact enables printers and packaging converters to truly understand, control, manage and communicate colour across the entire colour network and avoid unwanted reprint and rework.

  • EPSON SureColour Models Available: SC-P6000, SC‐P7000, SC‐P8000, SC‐P9000

    Experience the most accurate colour reproduction on the market and produce high-quality, long-lasting prints with the Epson proofing range. THE COMPLETE EPSON SURECOLOR P-SERIES PRINTER FAMILY

    Redefine wide-format, aqueous imaging applications with a vast array of workflow solutions and robust media handling. All models seamlessly integrate with industry-leading workflow software solutions to meet the needs of the proofing and graphic arts community.

  • Esko-distributor

    ArtiosCAD import plug-in for Adobe ® Illustrator®

    Category: Software Open native ArtiosCAD files in Adobe ® lllustrator®

    Esko's ArtiosCAD is the industry's most popular computer aided packaging design (CAD) software. ArtiosCAD provides structural designers with a tool for conceptual design, product development, and 'live' prototypes. Until now CAD files could only be exchanged in file formats such as DXF, EPS, CFF2 and structural intelligence such as folding, animation, material, etc. was lost.

  • Kodak-logoA

    Digital Offset Plates for commercial, packaging and newspaper printing.

    Kodaks' range of Lithographic plates consists of process free and thermal plates for all your digital offset printing needs.  Process Free Plates reduce environmental impact and eliminate all the costs, variability, and extra steps of processing.
  • Kodak-logoA

    KODAK Platesetter Models Available


    Achieve T400 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q400 Platesetter, Achieve T800 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q800 Platesetter, Magnus Q800 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q1600 Platesetter, Magnus VLF Q2400 Platesetter, Magnus VLF Q3600 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q2400 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q3600 Platesetter

  • Glunz & Jensen Models Available: HDX Thermal, HDX NewsSpeed, HDX NewsSpeed, HDX NewsSpeed


    Targeting high volume customers who are looking for superior performance in both productivity and quality, the InterPlater HDX enables fully automated integration in the prepress line with both the CTP and post-processing equipment.

  • Kodak prinergy workflow

    KODAK Prinergy Workflow - Let your prepress take flight

    Category: SOFTWARE Stay on top of your game with Kodak Prinergy Workflow Designed so you can easily expand capabilities as your business grows.
  • Tiger and Tiger Premium

    Designed with quality and simplicity in a heavy-duty design for demanding printers. The Tiger platform is based on Glunz & Jensen´s trusted design and construction from the rugged and renowned Quartz Supreme series. Tiger uses a traditional chain drive for rollers and brushes, and is intended for customers who have high processing demands and require robustness combined with convenient electronic features for daily use.

  • The Kylin 85T processor

    A simple solution intended for customers who process thermal and conventional plates. For customers who want to enjoy the processing stability delivered by Glunz & Jensen equipment, but who can do without the more advanced automated features and options that are available from the high-end processor models.

  • Stackers

    Most printers benefit from plate handling equipment after processing, but choosing which solution is the best for a printer is very individual.

    In most cases, it depends on the required level of automation and productivity (pph), but also the workflow in the prepress room will affect the choice of solution.

  • Glunz & Jensen Post‐bake Oven

    The press run length of plates is significantly increased by postbaking.

    The Glunz & Jensen Post-bake Oven offers even and rapid baking of the plates, it is easy to operate and maintain, and is fully compatible to any complete plateline.

  • Esko-logo-flexo



    i-cut Suite boosts the efficiency and profitability of large format production, regardless of the type, source and variety of the incoming job information.

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