KODAK Digital Offset Plates

Kodak Commercial and packaging plates as well as Newspaper plates are available from Kalideck Antalis.

KODAK Process Free Plates, Thermal plates and digital plates range

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    Digital Offset Plates for commercial, packaging and newspaper printing.

    Kodaks' range of Lithographic plates consists of process free and thermal plates for all your digital offset printing needs.  Process Free Plates reduce environmental impact and eliminate all the costs, variability, and extra steps of processing.
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    KODAK Platesetter Models Available


    Achieve T400 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q400 Platesetter, Achieve T800 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q800 Platesetter, Magnus Q800 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q1600 Platesetter, Magnus VLF Q2400 Platesetter, Magnus VLF Q3600 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q2400 Platesetter, Trendsetter Q3600 Platesetter

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