Magno Gloss coated fine paper

Magno Gloss coated fine paper

Magno-Gloss-logoMagno Gloss is a coated fine paper available in sheets and reels for offset printing

Magno Gloss has a vibrant high white, high gloss surface for the finest image detail

  • Unbeatable printability and image results with a high gloss surface finish
  • Even, smooth surface
  • Outstanding quality consistency
  • FSC Mix available
  • Wide weight range 90 – 400g/m²


Magno Gloss improvements

Faster Press Speeds

  • The increased bulk in conjunction with some further refinements in fibre furnish and fibre orientation ensure high speed print quality.

  • Improved stability and runnability.

Outstanding Visual and Tactile Parameters

  • Visual parameters unchanged, i.e. mirror-like, superb surface.
  • Further improved paper gloss and opacity with high whiteness.

  • The sheet’s haptic (when touched) properties have brought a stiffer and bulkier feel.

No Compromise on Printing Quality

  • Outstanding printing qualities – for the finest print detail and vibrant colour reproduction.

Magno Gloss Sustainability

Magno products meet all the environmental criteria you expect to support your brand image. Produced in our European mills meeting the highest quality and environmental standards.

FSC® Certified option available on request

Magno Product certification
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Magno Gloss Specifications

Basis weightISO 536g/m²90100115130135150170200250300350400
CIE whiteness (D65/10°)ISO 11475%124125126126126126126126126126126126
OpacityISO 2471%909293,594,59596979898,59999,599,5
Gloss TAPPI 75°ISO 8254-1%666666666666666668686868
BulkISO 534cm³/g0,710,720,720,700,700,710,730,740,740,760,780,80


Sappi Magno

Sappi MagnoSappi Magno, your trusted coated paper solutionSappi Magno is an exclusive imported range of triple coated paper and board ideally suited for a multitude of full-colour Litho Print applications including Digital Print.It is acid-free and totally chlorine free. The key feature of consistency in terms of performance and visual properties throughout the range makes Sappi Magno your paper of choice. The smooth even surface combined with the highest print gloss and increased bulk lets printed images stand out with extraordinary brilliance.  The increased bulk; in conjunction with further refinements in fibre furnish and fibre orientation, results in increased stiffness for excellent high-speed printing results, improved stability and excellent runnability.

Sappi Magno environmental accreditations

Produced at the Gratkorn Sappi Mill in Austria one of the world’s leading sustainable paper mills in Europe.  Magno ticks all the right environmental boxes: PEFC, FSC® CoC on request subject to availability), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 OHSAS 18001, ECF and EMAS certified.


Magno can be confidently specified for Annual Reports, Coffee Table books, Top quality magazines, Posters, High end Promotional material, Calendars, Catalogues, Direct mail. In fact, all quality colour printing. Metallic, pearlescent, and special inks perform superbly.  Renowned for It’s varnishing receptivity, foldability and creaseability and binds well.  Die cuts, embosses, hot foil stamps and laminates excellently.


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