Magno Satin coated fine paper

Magno ™ Satin is a coated fine paper available in sheets and reels for offset printing

Magno Satin has the ultimate silk surface for intense glossy images and an excellent reading experience.

  • Unbeatable printability and image results
  • Even, smooth surface combined with excellent ink lift
  • Outstanding quality consistency
  • Wide weight range 90 – 450g/m²
  • Dry toner suitable
  • FSC Mix available



Magno Satin improvements

Faster Press Speeds

  • The increased bulk in conjunction with some further refinements in fibre furnish and fibre orientation ensure high speed print quality.

  • Improved stability and runnability.

Outstanding Visual and Tactile Parameters

  • Visual parameters unchanged, i.e. mirror-like, superb surface.
  • Further improved paper gloss and opacity with high whiteness.

  • The sheet’s haptic (when touched) properties have brought a stiffer and bulkier feel.

No Compromise on Printing Quality

  • Outstanding printing qualities – for the finest print detail and vibrant colour reproduction.

Magno Satin Sustainability

Magno products meet all the environmental criteria you expect to support your brand image. Produced in our European mills meeting the highest quality and environmental standards.

FSC® Certified option available on request

Magno Product certification
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Magno Satin Specifications

Basis weightISO 536g/m²90100115130135150170200250300350400450
CIE whiteness (D65/10°)ISO 11475%127127127127127127127127127127127127127
OpacityISO 2471% 91 92,5 94,5 95 95,5 96,5 97,5 98 98,5 99 99,5 99,5 99,5
Gloss TAPPI 75°ISO 8254-1%38383838383838383838383822
BulkISO 534cm³/g0,82 0,82 0,82 0,82 0,82 0,83 0,83 0,84 0,90 0,94 0,99 1,03 1,06


Sappi Magno

Sappi MagnoSappi Magno is the ultimate graphic paper range to support your print jobs

The Magno range of coated and uncoated fine papers makes choosing the right paper to support your message easy.Quality and Consistency - Magno is produced in our European mills meeting the highest quality and environmental standards.Global Availability - Magno’s unrivalled distribution network ensures that you deliver a consistent message on the paper you trust most.


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