Mail Lite

sealed-air-logoMail Lite®

Economical, practical and lightweight postal bags.

Available in white in a variety of sizes.

Uses: Lightweight postal applications with seal strip on flap which saves time in busy packing and postal departments.


Postal bags

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective mailing envelope made of strong white or gold kraft paper, with an inner layer of bubble wrap to give cushioned protection for light weight items

  • Protects products against shocks, moisture and dirt

  • The envelope has a self seal adhesive strip which saves time

Jiffy Lite BOO-bubble Lined 120mm x 210mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite CO-bubble Lined 150mm x 210mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite D1-bubble Lined 180mm x 260mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite E2-bubble Lined 220mm x 260mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite F3-bubble Lined 220mm x 330mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite G4-bubble Lined 240mm x 330mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite H5-bubble Lined 270mm x 360mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite J6-bubble Lined 300mm x 440mm Packet 10
Jiffy Lite K7-bubble Lined 350mm x 470mm Packet 10



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