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Libretto Notebook Launch – Finishing matters

Il Libretto Notebook Launch


Antalis Libretto Notebook Launch 2017

Notebooks showcase masterful art of bookbinding

Launch of the II Libretto NotebookAntalis South Africa celebrated the craft, creativity and colours involved in choosing, printing and binding paper, with the launch of the Il Libretto Notebook in Johannesburg.

The project name was inspired by master bookbinder Tino Cianfanelli’s passion for playing operatic music when working.
Joanina Pastoll, creative director of Mullen Louw agency, explained that Il Libretto is Spanish for the script, words or lyrics used in an opera, and the project name was inspired by master bookbinder Tino Cianfanelli’s passion for playing operatic music when working.

The project brings together old and new by combining traditional bookbinding techniques with laser-cutting technology to reinterpret South African art taken from books that Tino has co-created. It’s also a nod to upcycling, including objects such as a foiling block from Tino’s studio used on the covers and in each book showcases her various designs printed on paper layered and die cut revealing a series of swatches from up-and-coming fabric designer, Lesego Moloka, whose designs are an expression of her Venda heritage.

The Libretto Notebook covers produced in five different colours are dressed with a two sided dust cover featuring vintage imagery of the tools used in bookbinding and various  re-created art. Each dust jacket is reversible and can also be used as a poster. Additionally, the spine is exposed rather than perfect bound and uniquely sewn with four different coloured cottons and the bookmark is positioned into the back cover, rather than glued in the spine.
Caroline Coughlan, Antalis South Africa’s marketing manager, described the Il Libretto Notebook as an incredible year-long collaboration, with creatives, craftsmen, artists, art book publishers, suppliers and master printers driven by their passion for print to give freely of their time.

Libretto notebook Project partners
Libretto Notebook Project partners
Antalis Team celebrating the II Libretto Notebook launch
Antalis Team celebrating the II Libretto Notebook launch

Mullen Lowe South Africa was the creative agency and laser cutting was handled by The Bookbinder and Laser Impressions. Paper was carefully chosen and supplied by Antalis South Africa from its signature Arjowiggins and Arctic Papers collections. These included Curious Matter Goya white with a folded layered artwork with laser cutting, Curious Metallics Lustre featuring the Silver Girl with laser-cutting, Teh three re-created art pieces with laer cutting were printed on Opale Dialogue.  The note papers included Lime and Nude, Munken and Cocoon on different sections.

Four companies were responsible for printing different sections: Law Printing, Multiprint Litho, Remata Print & Communication and Typo Color Printing Specialists.

All acknowledgments are included in a tipped in folder poster at the back of the book

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